Helena Webb


My name is Helena Webb, and I am running for the Missouri House of Representatives in District 100. 

Knocking on doors in 2018 gave me an amazing opportunity to hear from voters directly. I learned so much about all of you, and what I found is that our district has as many opinions as their are voters - each with their own concerns and priorities.

What connects us is our dedication to our children, our respect for each other, and our commitment to bettering the lives of our families and our community as a whole. 

West County continues to be a destination for young families because of our excellent public schools.  However, there is still much untapped economic potential here as well and there is more work to do to ensure that each of us, and all of our children, have opportunity for a better future.

As State Representative, I will represent the interests of our entire community and champion legislation that will allow us to tap into the true economic potential of our region and improve the lives of our neighbors.

I have 14 years of experience in corporate training, I am a proud Parkway parent, and I am ready to serve our community.

The Economy of the Future

Like you, I want St. Louis County to be a place where businesses want to invest and expand. Businesses of the future  want partner communities that invest in the education, healthcare, well-being, rights, and safety of all citizens – and pay that investment back by bringing high-paying jobs and tax revenue. Making our district attractive to these businesses should be a priority.



Our local schools are the bedrock of our communities. As a proud Parkway parent, I’ll fight to keep their funding strong and will oppose corporate attempts to hijack their budgets and send your tax dollars to for-profit schools.



We can do more to provide better care, lower cost, and more independence in our healthcare choices. Insurance company greed and state policy has driven prices up and shut down access. That’s a problem the people who have represented us in Jefferson City haven’t had the stomach to fix. It’s time to send in people who do.


We must protect the rights of responsible gun owners while reducing gun violence. We have a duty to protect our community and our law enforcement officers, and I take that responsibility seriously. Guns simply have no place in schools. And ninety-seven percent of gun-owning households favor background checks before every gun sale; I agree with them.  


Our democracy only works when our elected leaders respect the people they represent. This year in Jefferson City, our elected officials’ actions showed they don’t respect you, or your vote. They tried to undo ballot measures that over 60% of Missourians voted for. It’s time that our elected officials respected the people more than their donors


Local communities deserve the freedom to decide what’s best for them, but time and again politicians have meddled in our local decisions. This year Jeff City politicians denied counties the right to pass laws on local corporate farm pollution. Last year the same politicians voted to reverse local minimum wage increases. We have to stop this state overreach, and preserve our locals freedoms.


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The content of this website will be updated periodically to reflect what Helena learns about the views and concerns of voters as she meets and hears more from her future constituents throughout the campaign.

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