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Helena Webb, Sales Training Producer



Helena lives in Ballwin with her husband Don and son Milton. She’s fighting to be a champion for excellent education, affordable healthcare and good-paying jobs for Missouri’s working families. 

Helena's parents instilled in her the value of work, the value of education and the value of all people. 

Born in El Paso, Texas, she spent most of her childhood outside of Philadelphia. After graduating from college, Helena moved to New York where she worked in several professions—a waitress, accounting secretary, production manager, and director for small theatre productions. These jobs gave her the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Most of these jobs did not offer health insurance. Helena experienced many years without a primary care doctor, using low-cost clinics for care. When she was offered insurance, she experienced the revolving door of changes to access and doctors. However, her determination to access health care and reproductive health services allowed her to remain healthy, to work and to decide when to start a family.

Helena's appreciation for the education her parents provided grew stronger when she began working in the corporate world, because she recognized that her education allowed her to move freely from industry to industry and seize opportunities without fear or hesitation.

For the last 13 years Helena has worked in the business meeting industry. She produces corporate presentations and workshops for national and global corporations such as Zoetis, Unisys, and Genentech. Helena loves her work and will be able to return to her job when the Legislature is not in session and in the future.

About a decade ago, Helena moved to her husband's hometown of St. Louis. Living in Ballwin has provided their son with a healthy environment and an excellent experience in the Parkway schools.

Helena has been grateful to become part of the Ballwin community—managing her son's baseball team for five years, getting involved in activities at Henry Elementary School and forming great friendships. 

Helena looks forward to promoting the values her parents instilled in her, championing the importance of: 

- Excellence in education -

- Affordable healthcare -

- Good jobs for working families - 

- Sustainable job growth -  

All of these are vital to our local communities and across the state. 

HELENA is a member of Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice "Lock It For Love" program promoting gun safety in the home, a Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction,  a member of the West County Democrats and West County Huddle, and a proud Parkway parent. 

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